European blue chips

The most famous blue chip stocks in Europe usually take part in any of DJ STOXX indices, because they cover Europe, the Eurozone and the Eastern Europe.

Besides, there are country-specific indices such as the french CAC40 (includes e.g. Renault, ArcelorMittal) and german DAX30 (includes e.g. Commerzbank.)

Western Europe stock markets, image from

Here are some diverse examples of high-quality stocks:


Spain's聽second-largest utility company.

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Luxottica Group

Sells glasses and sunglasses under its own brands (such as Ray-Ban) or licensed brands (such as Versace, Chanel and Prada).


Switzerland company. The largest food company in the world, gets 21% of its revenue from Asia, Africa and Oceania and 37% from its European home market.

Top 15聽companies in Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50

Ordered by weight in Dow Jones Euro STOXX 50聽index.

Company Weight Country
Total 6.8108聽% France
Telefonica 4.8276聽% Spain
E.ON 4.1450聽% Germany
BCO Santander 4.1238聽% Spain
Sanofi-Aventis 3.8975聽% France
GDF Suez 3.4926聽% France
Volkswagen 3.4778聽% Germany
ENI 3.3184聽% Italy
BNP Paribas 3.1594聽% France
Nokia 3.1283聽% Finland
France Telecom 2.9167聽% France
Deutsche Telekom 2.7181聽% Germany
Siemens 2.7090聽% Germany
Bayer 2.4501聽% Germany
BCO Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria 2.3576聽% Spain

Euro STOXX index information