MOEX Blue Chip Index

Blue Chip Index is an indicator of the market of the most liquid stocks of Russian companies. The index was launched on April 23, 2009聽with a base level of 6,285.76.聽MOEX Blue Chip index is calculated on the basis of the stocks of the 15聽most liquid and capitalized issues of Russian stock market. The value is denominated in rubles.

N 小ode Security name Number of issued shares Free-float factor Weight
1 GAZP JSC GAZPROM, Ordinary shares 23聽673聽512聽900 46% 17,84%
2 LKOH OAO 鈥濴UKOIL鈥? Ordinary shares 850聽563聽255 46% 14,94%
3 SBER Sberbank, Ordinary shares 21聽586聽948聽000 48% 12,47%
4 MGNT PJSC 鈥濵agnit鈥? Ordinary shares 94聽561聽355 54% 10,04%
5 SNGS 鈥濻urgutneftegas鈥 OJSC, Ordinary shares 35聽725聽994聽705 25% 4,35%
6 SNGSP 鈥濻urgutneftegas鈥 OJSC, Preferred shares 7聽701聽998聽235 73% 3,22%
7 GMKN 鈥濷JSC "MMC "NORILSK NICKEL鈥? Ordinary shares 158聽245聽476 30% 6,98%
8 NVTK JSC 鈥濶OVATEK鈥? Ordinary shares 3聽036聽306聽000 27% 6,28%
9 ROSN Rosneft, Ordinary shares 10聽598聽177聽817 12% 4,95%
10 MTSS MTS OJSC, Ordinary shares 2聽066聽413聽562 49% 4,23%
11 VTBR JSC VTB Bank, Ordinary shares 12聽960聽541聽337聽338 39% 3,93%
12 TRNFP OJSC Uralkali, Ordinary shares 1聽554聽875 100% 3,09%
13 TATN JSC 鈥濼ATNEFT鈥? Ordinary shares 2聽178聽690聽700 32% 2,89%
14 URKA OJSC 鈥濺ostelecom鈥? Ordinary shares 2聽936聽015聽891 33% 2,14%
15 RTKM JSC 鈥濺usHydro鈥? Ordinary shares 2聽669聽204聽301 28% 1,33%
16 HYDR JSC 鈥濼ransneft鈥? Preferred shares 386聽255聽464聽890 34% 1,31%

Source: MOEX. Constituents valid from December 16, 2014聽to March 16, 2015.聽GAZP has restricting coefficient as of 0,6880908.


The following blue chips were down in November:

  • Sberbank ords, by 5.2% (to RUB 72.25聽per share),
  • Rosneft ords, by 2.6% (to RUB 233.74聽per share),
  • Rostelecom ords, by 0.2% (RUB 107聽per share).

The most traded stocks as of November 2014聽were Sberbank ords (SBER) with a turnover of RUB 157聽bln (20% of the total), followed by Gazprom (GAZP) with RUB 104聽bln (13%), Lukoil (LKOH) with RUB 62聽bln (8%), VTB Bank (VTBR) with RUB 57聽bln, and Norilsk Nickel (GMKN) with RUB 42.3聽bln聽(6%).

Changes in the list of index constituents take effect on March 16th, June 16th, September 16th, December聽16th.

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